Twilight Zone Ep 9

January 28, 2018

Submitted for your approval, two man dive into a land of insanity, a land where up is down and left is right, will they make it out alive and will they keep their sanity. Hold on tight and listen along as Clay and Pat decide to take a trip into the first season of the Twilight Zone...


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Twilight Zone Ep 8.5 The Primer

December 10, 2017

Submitted for your approval Clay and Pat take you on a tour of the Twilight Zone's First season. We explore the seminal sci fi series. Please rate and review the pod. Follow us on Facebook at Binge This: A Podcast or on twitter at bingethispod. And remember keep watching, keep reading, keep Binging. 


The Defenders EP 8 The Debrief

November 12, 2017

Defenders assemble. In this episode The guys with special guest Scott Eschelman give you all the spoilers that you need in breaking doen Netflixs Marvel universe. Whose the best defender? Who is the best villian? All will be revealed. Be sure to catch Scotts other podcast WDW Happy Hour on Itunes and Everybodies a critic on the Gleam team youtube page. Enjoy and Sweet Christmas. 


The Defenders EP 7 The Binge

October 24, 2017

Sweet Christmas. The binge bros are back to binge watch Netflix's The defenders. They will be discussing all of the marvel netflix properties leading up to Marvels The Defenders. For a case this big they needed to call upon a superhero themselves. WDW Happyhours own Scott Eshelman himself join the guys to binge along. Enjoy. 


The Defenders Ep 6.5 The Primer

October 1, 2017

Hey guys were back with another great episode to get you ready for our next Binge. Hope your ready to Netflix and that what the kids are saying these days... with the defenders. We will get you ready for the Netflix Marvel universe. Find out what shows we are including and stay to the ends for the reveal of a special guest. Enjoy,


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Spiderman Ep 6 The Debrief

September 17, 2017

And they say a Hero can save us....but will he? In the latest episode of Binge This the guys look at all that your friendly neighborhood spiderman has to offer. We take it all in as we look at the wall crawlers friends and foes in the spoiler section of binge this. How has Sony messed up and good thing and how marvel was the hero that saved Spiderman. Also much Nickleback. Remember to rate and review the podcast and follow us on facebook. Enjoy!


Spiderman Ep 5 The Binge

August 27, 2017

Get ready to swing into our next binge with Spiderman. Clay and Pat go over all the spiderman movies including the Rami trilogy and the Andrew Garfield sequels. We also discuss the 90s tv show on hulu. All will be discussed in this amazing epiosode. Remember to rate and review in Itunes and follow us on bingethispod on twitter. And remember keep watching, Keep reading, keep Binging! 

Link for Spiderman Homecoming review:


Spiderman Ep 4.5 The Primer

August 23, 2017

Well hello friendly neighborhood Bingers! The team is back with their latest topic for binging and it just so happens to be the wall crawler himself, Spiderman. In this episode the guys give you all the information that you will need to binge as well as all the skinney on our spiderfriend. Can a hero save us, or is he just a spidermenace. Can i fit another spiderman reference in this discription, listen and find out. Remember keep watching, Keep listening, keep Binging.


The Magicans EP 4 The Debrief

August 14, 2017

The boys are back in Fillory for the latest episode of Binge This. Clay and Pat are here to dive into all the details of SIFI The Magicians. Favorite spells, Episodes, and moments that made us scratch our heads are all discussed in this spoiler filled episode. If you haven't watched the first season on Netflix you might want to check it out before listening or if your not spoiler aversed then jump right in. Remember to follow us on twitter at bingethispod, and follow us on facebook Binge This: A Podcast. Please rate and review and as always keep watching, keep listening, keep binging. 


The Magicians EP 3

July 30, 2017

In this episode Pat and Clay get into the nitty gritty on SYFY's the Magicians season one on Netflix. Is this subversive take on fantasy worth the watch, or is this magic trick just smoke and mirrors. Dont worry no spoilers are discused so even if you haven't seen the show yet you can listen along. Enjoy and remember keep listening, keep watching and keep Binging.